Ecoinnovación en productos de limpieza

Ecoinnovation in eco-cleaning

The R&D department of the Castellón-based company Jabones Beltrán has improved its bioBel formulae with new and better plant 100% natural ingredients without having to ethoxylate them to obtain excellent cleaning power.

Ethoxylation is a process by means of which ethylene oxide of synthetic origin in the raw material is inserted to provide effectiveness. This process is common in conventional detergent-making, but also in many eco-detergents because their plant ingredients need this component to give good results. This process is permitted in restricted amounts by various certification organisations.

The company has also implemented more improvements by employing innovative ingredients as a natural food-grade antimicrobial from cereals and a 100% natural denaturalised plant alcohol. In general, no bioBel formula uses synthetic surfactants, petro-chemical solvents, preserving additives, antimicrobials or antioxidants like BHT, sorbates, benzoates, parabens or isothiazolinones (kathon), which cause so many allergies among users. Nor do they use colourings, synthetic perfumes, foaming agents or correctors like those normally employed, such as EDTA, polymers or nanoplastics, which are all highly contaminating, while being potential allergens and precursors of hypersensitivity and skin irritations.

This soap-making company’s commitment and motivation to sustainability and its constant improvements mean that it goes beyond the commitments of its own certification organisation because all its bioBel formulae exceed the minimum ones allowed by Ecocert, the most rigorous and acknowledged eco-certification organisation in the world.

If this were not enough, its innovative option to select emerging raw materials and their subsequent formulation has meant that no bioBel soap or detergent shows risk pictograms, nor warnings on their labels. External testing has demonstrated that the bioBel detergent product is completely compatible with the environment, it biodegrades quickly, and it produces apt washing waters for plants and crops.

Tradition and innovation at Jabones Beltrán are some of its values, which it attempts to combine and reflect as much as possible in all its products on a daily basis.

Read the company’s full statement.

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