Towards the Centenary

In this new section, we are going to go over and try to reconstruct the almost 100 years of history of the company Jabones Beltrán. We will periodically share the most important discoveries and data from this historical review that we have started with great enthusiasm and great surprises. Our main concern is to discover and demonstrate the exact origins of the company; an ambitious objective about which we started with little information and of which few details are kept in the public archives for historical reasons that we will be revealing.
This research and section will go as far as the celebration of the company's centenary itself and is being carried out thanks to the invaluable help of Ramón Feenstra, historian and professor of communication ethics at the Universitat Jaume I, who, thanks to his enthusiasm and professionalism, is bringing to light historical data of great value at both business and family level.


Maquina con más de 9 década para cortar jabón

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Escritura marca Lorito y Beltrán

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Documentos antiguos Jabones Beltran

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Anuncio Jabones del año 1930

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Albarán cooperativa durante Guerra Civil española

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Fotografia de la segunda generacion de jaboneros junto a sus empleados y familia

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Anuncio antiguo Jabones Beltrán

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Carta de las bodas de oro de la empresa

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En esta casa nació Jabones Beltrán

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