Niños de Gambia con Jabón Beltrán - Gambian children with Beltran soap - Nens de Gàmbia amb Sabó Beltrán

More soap for children in Gambia

The NGO Bon Día Gàmbia is an association of volunteers who run small-scale projects for the men, women and children in one of Africa’s smallest countries, Gambia.

For their current hygiene and health education awareness campaign, the NGO contacted the firm at the beginning of 2010 with a request for material, which the firm responded to by donating a consignment of bar soap for the project.

Following its excellent reception and the valuable use to which it was put, Beltrán Hermanos repeated the action in preparation for the next delivery of material the NGO will shortly take to Gambia, by donating what it knows how to make best: soap, and in this way contributing to the important work of this modest but vital NGO.

Source: Beltrán Hermanos Press Release, 22-6-10

Further information can be found on the Bon Día Gambia website:

Bon Dia Gambia Collaborations

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