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logo generalitat valenciana

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Logo Generalitat Valenciana

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Ramón A.Feenstra con el libro en las manos

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Iris Beltrán

Iris Beltrán in Economía 3

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Eco-innovation in cleaning products

Jabones Beltrán improves the formulas of the cleaning products bioBel, reference mark in the sector of bio drugstore, being again the first national company that does not use ethoxylated ingredients.

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Entrega código Ético de Jabones Beltrán

Jabones Beltrán presents its ethical code

The Castellón company Jabones Beltrán, in collaboration with GERSE of the Universitat Jaume I, has developed its own ethics code of making public the values that guide its activity towards a more ethical and responsible business conduct.

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Contenedores con material para Siria

Solidary Soap in Syria

Jabones Beltrán sends 693kg of soap to the Syrian refugees.

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Joaquín Beltrán recogiendo Galardón Accord a la Calidad Social - Joaquin Beltran collecting the accord social quality award - Joaquín Beltrán Recollint el Guardó accord a la qualitat social

ADWARD of Social Quality 2015

Jabones Beltrán, along with Cuinatur Activa, has been rewarded with the Accord Award of Social Quality 2015. Distinction which is granted each year by the Cámara de Comercio from Castellón and which recognises the social paper of the economy agents of the province.

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Cesto de la ropa con toallas blancas - Laundry basket with white towels - Cistell de la roba amb tovalloles blanques

Fewer chemicals at home

Green cleaners are a more responsible consumer and efficient alternative to conventional cleaners. Learn to recognise them and distinguish them. In the Integral magazine.

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Comparison Certificates

Comparison between ECOCERT and ECOLABEL organic certifications

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Jabones Beltrán en Ocupat de Canal 9 - Beltran soaps in Ocupa't of Channel 9 - Sabons Beltrán en Ocupa't de Canal 9

Ocupa't on Canal 9 visits Jabones Beltrán

This regional TV programme visited the company’s premises to make a brief report about the company’s history, tradition and production processes.

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Joaquín Beltrán, hijo del fundador, con barras de Jabón Beltrán - Joaquin Beltran, son of the founder, with bars of soap Beltran - Joaquín Beltrán, fill del fundador, amb barres de Sabó Beltrán

Life in my Area

Joaquín Beltrán, the son of the founder of the Jabones Beltrán company, after its 90-year history of distributing soap all over Spain, spoke about how communications have affected progress made in his area.

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Página principal del artículo sobre Detergentes Ecológicos - Principal page of the Ecological detergent article - Pàgina principal de l'article sobre Detergents Ecològics

“Made in Spain” eco-detergent

An interesting article that allows us to know the green alternatives to conventional detergents, and the huge advantages that these alternatives offer to protect the natural environment and our health. The Integral Magazine.

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Propiedades y aplicaciones del jabón cosmético

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Sello de Artesanía de la Comunidad Valenciana - Artisan Seal of Valencia Comunity - Segell artesanal de la Comunitat Valenciana

Beltrán Hermanos obtains the Valencian Community Handcraft Seal

To acknowledge its work and production processes, the Beltrán Hermanos company has recently received the Valencian Community Handcraft Seal, which accredits this company’s handcraft nature.

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sostenibilidad en el cuidado de la ropa

Sustainability in caring for clothes

In the same way as also being concerned about improving our health and the natural environment by eating eco-foods, and even using bio-cosmetics, paying attention when choosing cleaning products for our clothes is just as important.

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ICEX‐Next Export Initiation Programme

BELTRAN HERMANOS, S.L. participates in the ICEX-Next.

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La familia Beltrán soplando las velas por otros 100 años más

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stand de la feria Biocultura Madrid 2018

Jabones Beltrán in Biocultura Madrid 2019

One more year, the company will participate in the fair of ecological products and responsible consumption of Madrid.

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Preparación packs bienvenida

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Mara e Iris Beltrán con el diploma acretidativo

AWARD Communication of value 2017

The company Jabones Beltrán has been awarded the second Prize of the communication of value for PYMES with a special mention for its environmental and social policies.

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Iris Beltrán

Fully bio-washed

Iris Beltrán, Managing Director of Jabones Beltrán, reports on the importance of taking care of the way you wash your clothes. Blog "Planet Fashion" of Healthy Life.

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Artículo levante de castellón Jabones Beltrán

The most natural cleaning

The firm that was born in Xert in 1922, was the first company in Spain to manufacture detergents with the certified organic. Now it is about to get organic certification for its artisan cosmetic soap, which have twenty varieties

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Cartel de la V Jornada de Moda Sostenible - Poster of the V Day of Sustainable Fashion - Cartell de la V Jornada de Moda Sostenible

bioBel sponsors the V Day of Sustainable Fashion

Jabones Beltrán collaborate and sponsor these seminars on textile sustainability organized by Slow Fashion Next.

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Jaime Nácher Mestre

The bioBel brand, the standard-bearer of an emerging trend in ecological products

An interview held with Jaime Nácher, Technical Director at Jabones Beltrán, who is in charge of preparing formulae and certificates of this company’s products. In the Química e Industria Journal.

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Agradecimiento de FALLOU ONGD por la donación de jabón en Senegal - ONGD FALLOU appreciation for the donation soap in senegal - Agraïment de Fallou ONGD per la donació de sabó al Senegal

10th Edition of the FALLOU NGO in Senegal

FALLOU NGO held its last edition in the rural community of Dialakoto (Senegal), which has been baptised TILOBOTA NINSOMA (Cow’s Dawn). During this edition, the soaps donated by Jabones Beltrán were handed out in hygiene workshops.

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Banner Jabones Beltrán en enredate Castellón - Banner of Soaps Beltran in Enrédate Castellón - Banner Sabons Beltrán en ENREDATE Castelló

Jabones Beltrán in the 4th edition of Enrédate Castellón

Mara Beltrán participated in the round table of an event organised by CEEI Castellón, and she spoke about her experience as an entrepreneur and when she had to turn the family business around by renewing it until it became one of the leaders in its market.

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Niños de Gambia con Jabón Beltrán - Gambian children with Beltran soap - Nens de Gàmbia amb Sabó Beltrán

BON DÍA GÀMBIA takes soap to Bijilo

A donation of soap by the Jabones Beltrán company for this NGO to offer to boys and girls in its workshops in Gambia about the importance of hygiene.

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Niños de Gambia con Jabón Beltrán - Gambian children with Beltran soap - Nens de Gàmbia amb Sabó Beltrán

El Color de la Papaya takes soap to Gambia

Jabones Beltrán, once again donates soap for personal use to the “El Color de la Papaya” NGO which, along with aid from “Mensajeros por Gámbia”, continue with its body hygiene programme in Gambia.

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Los últimos jaboneros artesanales - Last artisan soap makers - Els últims saboners artesanals

masQrural Magazine Report

"The last handmade soap makers", report from the magazine más Q rual did in Beltrán Hermanos headquarters.

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Selección de ingredientes

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Logo Generalitat Valenciana

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Mara, Vicent y Ramón en la presentación del libro

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Banner participacion en la feria

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Ropa colgada en perchas

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Directivos de Jabones Beltrán recibiendo la noticia del premio

AWARD Almassora's Boiler of Honor 2017

The Municipality of Almassora will deliver the Caldera de Honor to Jabones Beltrán on the day of Santa Quitèria.

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Publirreportaje Essabó en revista Integral en Enero 2017

The most traditional and natural cosmetics

Jabones Beltrán is committed to sustainability with Essabó artisan soaps for hygiene and skin care.

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Handmade Soap to the latest fashion

Tradition and innovation go hand in hand in the Beltrán Jabones factory. During the last years, this Castellon's firm has not stopped launching new products to the market, adapting them for activities such as organic farming.

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Aceites esenciales - essential oils - olis essencials

Essential oils for cleanliness and hygiene

Chemical cleaners and synthetic air fresheners expose us to their toxic effect. In the following article written by Jaime Nácher, Technical Director at Jabones Beltrán, we can learn the benefits of essential oils to help us achieve a more hygiene and pleasant home. In the Mi Herbolario Magazine.

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Jabón cortado con alambres -Soap cut with wires  - Sabó tallat amb filferros

How ecological soap is produced

Pablo Isach Damià , Quality Technician at Jabones Beltrán, offers all the keys to produce ecological soap. In the Bioeco Actual Magazine.

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Firma del acuerdo de colaboración con Cáritas - Signature of the collaboration agreement with Caritas - Signatura de l'acord de col·laboració amb Càritas

Solidarity Soap in Castellón

The company Jabones Beltrán began the year by extending its social project “Solidarity Soap”, which it has formalised by signing two collaboration agreements with charities Cáritas and the Castellón Red Cross. It is committed to donate boxes of soap every 3 months to be handed out to the most needy in the province of Castellón.

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Mara Beltrán en la revista Emprendedores - Mara Beltrán in the Emprendedores magazine -  Mara Beltrán a la revista Emprendedores

Jabones Beltrán - an example of a long tail model

This company has opted to specialised in products for certain market niches, and moves away from mass sales in large stores.

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Máquina de cortar jabón de 1922 - Soap cut machine of 1922 - màquina per a tallar sabó de 1922

Innovation and development applied to a truly natural product

The company Jabones Beltrán has known how to adapt to the different times it has lived through, but has always maintained its “traditional lifelong soap” traditions and properties. In the Parlem d'Almassora Magazine.

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Tres generaciones de jaboneros - Three generations of soapers - Tres generacions de saboners

Interview with J.Beltrán - Economía3

Progress made of this old family business and its plans for the future.

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Coloquio sobre el Jabón Natural - Symposium of Natural Soap - Col·loqui sobre Sabó Natural

Ecological exchange to rescue handcrafted soap

An article published in the local Mediterráneo newspaper about a talk and collection of oil to be recycled, run by Jabones Beltrán in the town of Villarreal after being invited to participate in the Setmana de la Dona (Women’s Week).

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Ecoinnovación en productos de limpieza

Ecoinnovation in eco-cleaning

Jabones Beltrán improves the formulae of its bioBel cleaning products, a reference brand name in the Spanish bio-household and cosmetic products sector, which was the first Spanish company to not use ethoxylate ingredients

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Logo ISO 9001

Jabones Beltrán achieves ISO 9001 certification

Jabones Beltrán, in its commitment to achieve its objectives, has obtained the ISO 9001 quality certification.

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Sustainable news at Biobel

Improved ecological, effective and healthy cleaning: new image, improved formulas, greater recyclability and new packaging are the three pillars on which the improvements and novelties of the Biobel line revolve.

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Mesa de RSC Castellon

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Línea Essabó Ecológico de Jabones Beltrán

Essabó Eco, high-end soap

Jabones Beltrán presents its first line of eco-friendly soaps with ecological cosmetic certification.

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Mara Beltrán

Mara Beltrán in Bio Eco Actual

Mara Beltrán, Commercial Director of Jabones Beltrán, talks about the moment in which the company opted to manufacture in ecological. Bio Eco Actual.

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Jabones Beltrán ganadores del galardón Medio Ambiente 2016

AWARD of Environment 2016

The company Jabones Beltrán has been awarded the Environmental Award of the Pyme Expansión and Ifema 2016 awards, as an example of good business practices at the national level.

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Equipo de Jabones Beltrán - Jabones Beltran Team - Equip de Sabons Beltran

Artisans of organic products

Ecoemprendedores: Jabones Beltrán, a family business focused on the production of cleaning products and organic cosmetics.

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Ropa de bebé limpia - Clean baby clothes - Roba de nadó neta

Baby clothes need special care

Not only is it so important to care for a baby’s skin, but also the clothes a baby wears as they are in contact with baby skin for hours. With this article you can discover tips and advice to help prevent skin allergies and dermatitis in the youngest family members. The Mi Pediatra Yearbook.

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Joaquín y Mara Beltrán con el premio de Medio Ambiente y Compromiso Social - Joaquín and Mara Beltrán with the award of Environment and Social Commitment  - Joaquim i Maria Beltrán amb el premi de Medi Ambient i Compromís Social

ADWARD Environmental and Social Commitment

Jabones Beltrán was the winner of the NATURAL ENVIRONMENT AND SOCIAL COMMITMENT AWARD during the 13th edition of the Company of the Year Award held by the Castellón-based Mediterráneo newspaper.

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Joaquín Beltrán recogiendo el Premio Club de Recursos Humanos - Joaquin Beltran collecting the Club Human Resources Award - Joaquín Beltrán Recollint el Premi Club de Recursos Humans

ADWARD Human Resources Club

The company Jabones Beltrán has received the Small Business Human Resources Club Award for creating jobs in the 1st edition of the Human Resources Club Awards.

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Cartel del récord mundial de cambio de pañales de tela de 2013 - Poster of World Record cloth diapering 2013 - Cartell del Rècord Mundial del Canvi de bolquers de roba 2013

World Record in changing cloth nappies

Jabones Beltrán was the official sponsor of the World Record in Changing Cloth Nappies in Madrid 2013.

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Línea ecológica bioBel - ecological products bioBel -  línia ecològica bioBel

bioBel is well-accepted

Mara Beltrán explains how she considered launching a line of green products, spoke about the advantages over conventional detergents and, above all, analysed its acceptance. In the Biocultura newspaper and on the Vida Sana Portal.

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Niños de Gambia con Jabón Beltrán - Gambian children with Beltran soap - Nens de Gàmbia amb Sabó Beltrán

More soap for children in Gambia

Jabones Beltrán once again collaborates with the Bon Día Gambia NGO by collaborating with consignment of coconut oil soap for children in Kerr Gallo.

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Entrevista a Joaquín Beltrán- Joaquín Beltrán interview - Entrevista a Joaquín Beltrán

Video-report on TV Canal 9

"Ancient and Modern Soap", a TV report about traditional soaps.

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jabon o detergente

Soap or detergent?

Synonyms in its performance, antonyms in its composition, and its subsequent impact. Our decision about how to wash has a direct impact on our skin’s health and the natural environment.

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