sostenibilidad en el cuidado de la ropa

Sustainability in caring for clothes

Sustainable washing cares for the fabrics of our clothing throughout its lifetime that respects users’ skin and, no less importantly, reduces the impact on the natural environment.

The washing phase of clothes is the most critical one of its lifetime because an endless list of environmental impacts comes into play in this phase which can be reduced by following some simple guidelines.

One of these impacts is energy use. It is estimated that when we wash and dry clothes, we use 80% of the energy employed throughout our clothes’ lifetime. In most cases, the electricity used by electrical appliances is obtained by emitting greenhouse gas effects to the atmosphere.

Water, as a natural resource, requires a very special mention because it is an essential element for life that is quickly diminishing. If we wish to maintain its reserves, we need to change our habits.

Last, but no less importantly, we need to mention waste, especially the use of conventional detergents and fabric conditioners that generate waste which directly ends up in our seas and rivers. As they are composed of petro-chemical ingredients that take a very long time to biodegrade, they pollute water resources, threaten aquatic fauna and produce smells.
Most of these environmental impacts are the direct result of our everyday actions. Such simple tasks like using a washing machine, conventional detergents or ironing are clear examples of everyday situations that contribute to the pollution surrounding us.
If we wish to improve our planet’s well-being and, in turn, make washing cycles more sustainable and also efficient, we must bear in mind some pieces of advice:

- Use the washing machine when it is full to reduce the number of washings, and to save energy and water.

- Wash at low temperatures and treat stubborn stains with specific cleaning products to save energy resources. Clothes will crease less and we will have less to iron.

- Buy electrical appliances with the maximum energy rating (A+++) with shorter washing cycles because this means paying less in water and electricity bills.

- Use certified eco-detergents made from 100% natural biodegradable ingredients of plant origin. Apart from washing, they protect and prolong our clothes’ lifetime, and respect both the natural environment and health. Always opt for those based on conventional soap-making that also thoroughly wash, and leave clothes soft and fluffy. In this way, we can avoid the unnecessary use of fabric conditioners which, given their complex composition, compromise our health and surroundings.

- Use the amount of detergent recommended by the manufacturer according to the level of dirt, kilograms of dry clothes and water hardness. Using more detergent does not make clothes cleaner.

- Dry clothes outdoors. This makes clothes whiter, and cuts energy use and ironing times.

These simple actions will allow us to care for our clothes and prolong their lifetime, while helping to minimise our impact on nature thanks to our responsible use of resources.

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